There's nowhere like Africa on Earth for nature, wildlife, wild lands and rich and diverse traditions that endure. Adventurers should prepare to fall in love.

Africa is a very diverse continent, with each country, or even each part of a country having its own unique culture. Africa today is a vast continent with many bustling metropolises, some of the friendliest people adventure travelers will ever meet, and amazingly diverse and beautiful landscapes. While the first activity most people associate with Africa is safaris, there are endless possibilities for any adventure. Adventure travelers can purchase crafts in markets, venture into the Sahara with a Tuareg caravan, visit pygmy villages, hike through jungle to watch gorillas, relax on tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, experience arguably the world's best wildlife safaris, snack on exotic treats, travel down a river in a dugout "pirogue", travel across savannah on a colonial-era railway, and much more.

Africa has a great potentiel of being a major destination for Adventure travels. Through marvellous photos, you'll discover marvellous landscapes showing majestic fauna and flora. It's also time to see Africa's extraordinary cultural diversity.